How to Deal With Your Spanish Homework Effectively

America is gradually becoming a bilingual country and Spanish is the second language that will be spoken here. It is good for students to be skilled in this language therefore. Typically, studying Spanish and oriental languages can be good for one’s overall education.

Studying Spanish can be challenging. Typically, some students tend to do very well with foreign language while others experience stumbling blocks.

There are several strategies for assimilating new languages that really work that I’m going to discuss today.

Get The Most Common Verbs Down First

All right, all sentences will have a verb and the verb is crucial to the overall meaning of the sentence because they will tell you whatever the major action is that is being performed in a sentence. Therefore, you cannot become too educated in verbs and verb forms.

Make lists of those crucial verbs from the ones that mean “I think,” to “I’m going” to “I will go” to “I have gone.” Now memorize these and memorize these until you cannot make a mistake.

You cannot go wrong by doing this.

Memorize, Memorize, Memorize Your People Nouns

You must be able to say I, He, She ,They and You “do” whatever is being done with ease. Memorize all your nouns or pronouns until they become as natural a breathing. Do this and half the battle is already over – ALREADY Over.

Memorize Your Pronouns

You have to know yours las, les, los, etc.. You have to. You have to memorize and memorize your way through any foreign language or you are going to have to study it all over again with every Spanish test you have because all three of these things

  • Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Verbs
  • Articles

Will be stressed on EVERY SINGLE EXAM over and over until the teacher knows for certain that you have them.

Make a List of Those Words You Need but Forget Most Often

Make a list of those words you seem to be using over and over in Spanish that you keep forgetting and put these on flashcards and memorize them like crazy. Memorization is the only way to succeed in language acquisition period.

Look at it This Way

If you don’t put all these things in your long term later, you are going to have to put in hours before every exam putting them into your short term memory over and over again