How To Focus On Homework Without Getting Distracted: Useful Advice

Homework is the daily terror of both the student and the parents alike. While the student feels burdened by the amount of work and its deadline of submission, the parents are often completely lost about how they can make their wards focus and not end up doing their homework for them.

For older students the issue is more often personal as the parents feel they are old enough to do their own work responsibly. However, focusing on this with unwavering dedication can prove to be more difficult than what one can imagine. In a world where every other technology and gadgets have come within the reach of children, the temptation to indulge is more than what a child can cope up with.

But that does not mean that there is no solution to lack of concentration. Being disciplined to a certain level and following a few guidelines that have been tried and tested by generations of school-goers can actually boost your focus and may even make your task enjoyable. Here are a few tips that every student swear by as effective:

  • Draw up a schedule and set aside a fixed time. Estimate the amount of homework you get in average everyday and set up a timetable accordingly. An hour or two at most would be enough for any amount of homework.
  • Put your mobile on silent mode. During this time, put the mobile in silent mode and if you are really reluctant to hand it over to someone else for the time being, then at least put it away somewhere you couldn’t see it. The blinking of the light of the mobile can be most tempting and distracting than you can possibly imagine!
  • Start the day’s work with your favorite subject. It really boosts your confidence when you actually enjoy doing your work. Undoubtedly, the subject you understand well will be a favourite so start with that and then proceed to the ones that you find to be difficult.
  • Take breaks. If you are planning to work for a couple of hours, take a break for few minutes after one hour or so. Relax, wander around, small talk with someone and you will feel refreshed for the next session.
  • Most importantly, be optimistic. Do not treat your homework like an enemy. How much we hate doing homework and panic with the ones that are left out for last moments, we need to be responsible enough to complete our task. So keep cool, and do as much as you can properly.

Homework is meant for improving your knowledge and not to dissuade you from studies. Be honest with your professors in case of incomplete work but don’t be “the one” who consistently submits incomplete work.