How To Deal With Homework Stress: List Of Great Suggestions

When homework becomes too extensive or too time consuming it will have a very negative impact on the child and the family. It can interfere with a child’s ability to learn new information and retain old information. If a child ends up sleep deprived or they start quit other activities to leave room for their homework routine then it might be time to change things up a bit.

How can you reduce homework stress? By following these tips:

  • Buy a second set of every textbook that the child is using and keep them at the house. This will make it much easier for children who have trouble recalling the things they learned in the classroom. It will also reduce the demand to juggle organization and the stress on their back that would be brought about by trying t lug books to and from school. This is an affordable and simple way to help. You can buy used books that are falling apart; it does not matter so long as the content is still there.

  • Break down the homework into smaller chunks. Smaller goals will make it decidedly easier for students to complete larger portions of their tasks. Kids should be rewarded with breaks regularly when they are working tirelessly. When they take a break a timer should be set so that the kids know how much time they have and there will not be any struggle to return to the task.

  • Encourage children to review their work every night so that when their next test arrives they won’t be overwhelmed with the need to learn all of the information at once.

  • While the child is working it is important to use positive statements and to encourage them to use affirmations. These can include “I am learning new concepts” or “I can do it” or even “I am relaxed”.

  • Students should have an area that is dedicated to homework and studying. This area--no matter where in the house it is--should be free from distraction and make it easier for the child to feel calm and focused. It might help to have aromatherapy in the area. Peppermint will help children to concentrate and to focus.

  • Children can learn relaxation techniques. They can take in a deep breath and say “ahhhh” in order to release frustration and anger. This type of stress management should be introduced to the child at a time when they are feeling calm that way they can start to implement it when they are not feeling calm.