How to Do School Geometry Homework Effectively

Geometry is a challenging subject, even for those who are seriously gifted in math. Geometry tests your strongest reasoning skill, and takes patience to make it through.

What is Important as You Take Geometry?

What is very important as you take this class is all of the following:

  1. Ask questions from the beginning of the course on in any concept you do not understand—even if you feel stupid or shy.
  2. Remember this—it is the teachers job to teach this course to the absolute best of their ability. So make them teach you, step by step. Ask them to explain concepts in a different way that you might understand or to use analogies that might make understanding easier.

  3. Make sure you understand the beginning to understand the middle.
  4. If you think geometry will start to make sense later—it won’t. Geometry will only get harder. Make sure you understand the simple issues at the beginning in order to understand as concepts build upon one another.

  5. Take notes on everything and take them well.
  6. I had courses that were so challenging I used a kind of shorthand that only I could understand and I could remember if I went home immediately and rewrote my notes in type. As I typed, I began to learn, even more, what was going on because it was an act of double note taking, double thinking, and double learning. Not that you’d want to type geometry equations, but you might write them neatly on good paper and save these for intensive study on your own. Later, when you get stuck on something or forget something, you can refer back to this neatly written guide you’ve created.

  7. Use YouTube and Online Quizzes as a Supplementary Learning Tool.
  8. IF you make it out of the classroom, get home, and find you really didn’t understand as well as you thought you did, look up concepts on YouTube first. Look at the top of the problems to how they are grouped by concept—such as Euclidian geometry. Or “I need help with Euclidian geometry” or “how to make Euclidian geometry easy.”

    There are many, many math whizzes who love to show off their math skills and can explain these concepts in new, different ways that might help you see an easier way of tackling some of these concepts.

    As one of my students said in class one day, “I thought I was going to fail trigonometry but I watched YouTube videos and made an A.” Then, another student chimed in and said, “Heck, you can learn to take apart your own car on YouTube.” And that student was a female.