What To Do If You Hate Doing Homework: An Effective Strategy

Some students simply hate doing homework. For students who are adamantly against completing their homework, their aversion seems to be practically at the cellular level. No matter how much their parents and teachers beg them to complete their homework, they will not do it. These students tend to have poor grades because they do not study and that lack of studying shows up at test time. So, how does a student who hates doing homework actually get homework done? Here are a few suggestions:

Start small. Even if you get homework in all of your class, the best thing to do is pick one class and start there. Maybe you start by completing a small math assignment or you do a little bit of your history homework. The best choice is to pick the homework from the class you like the most, because you will be more likely to finish it. When you start small, you will get the reward of finishing quickly, too.

Build reading time into your evening. One of the best things that any student can do is to add time for reading. Whether you read a textbook or a novel, you should choose what you read and give yourself time. Your reading should be sustained for at least 20 minutes. You should not read emails, magazines, or text messages. By adding 20 minutes of reading time to your day, you will read over 1 million words in a year. Your reading ability and speed will improve, which will help you perform better on tests.

Work with a friend. Another helpful tool to get started on homework is to work with a friend or a classmate. When you have someone with you, you are more likely to finish what you started because you have someone who can hold you accountable. You could also try to work in one of your classrooms where your teacher could hold you accountable for completing your homework for that day.

Work with an online tutor. With an online tutor, you can get the help you need to complete your assignment. You do not have to work side by side with your tutor, but you can contact your tutor when you need help. Online tutors are rather inexpensive to hire and you can often communicate via email or a chat service on a website.