Guidelines on how to find answers to homework

Finding answers for your homework is contingent upon having an organized homework plan.

  1. Break down your assignments.
  2. Break down bigger assignments into smaller ones. If you have twenty new words to learn for your Spanish class, you might want to break it down into four sets of five. Learn five words each day. Conversely, you can break it down into two sets of ten and then study them twice per week.

    Remember that practice does make perfect, so if you are unable to recall something the first time you are working on it, don’t panic. It will just take time for it to stick. Try and use mnemonic devices for studying. Mnemonics are where you make a single phrase to represent a list of items. Each letter in the phrase represents the first letter for the list you want to memorize.

    **Tip: work with your fellow classmates. Ask them what study tricks they use and see if you can benefit from them too. If you work with a classmate you can take turns quizzing one another or comparing notes.

    Another way in which you can break up your homework is to study each night rather than saving your studies for the night before something is due. If you come across a night where you have no work, you can always go back and review flash cards or notes. If you are studying science or math, you can always keep up your skillset by completing practice problems.

    The human mind can really only stay focused for forty five minutes straight. So if you are finding it hard to stay focused on your work, you may need to take a break. Walk around or stretch, but avoid something distracting like watching television.

  3. Ask for help.
  4. If you are confused, or unsure about the material, you won’t get very far in completing your homework. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your teacher if you don’t understand something. Go over it with a classmate or family member.

  5. Sleep well.
  6. A good nights’ sleep is imperative to your successful homework and studies. Your brain needs time to properly transfer the material you learned during the day from short term memory to long term memory.

    **Tip: review notes or flashcards right before you go to bed. Avoid looking at your phone after or playing around online. If you do this, your brain will recall the last information you read, which should be your notes.