Homework help: speed up your writing abilities

Writing essays, research papers, term papers, short stories, and later on dissertations, is something you are going to do a lot of. Writing well is a craft. Like all crafts, it requires you to practice your skills to sharpen them to a point. Good writing skills include the skill of writing the maximum amount of effective material in minimum amount of time. Here are a few tips on how to improve your writing skills in general and to do it as quickly as possible:

  1. Stop typing, start writing: In the day and age of text messages, emails, MS Word, and voice activated devices, writing is becoming a lost art. You are more likely to type your essays and papers than actually write them, but writing with a pen on a piece of paper is an important practice for your brain.
  2. Write for fun: Write (or type) essays and stories about everything that takes your fancy. Structure your essays formally.
  3. Read a lot: Good writing just cannot happen without good reading. Help yourself to a healthy dose of reading every day. No if’s and butt are about it. Read things that interest you so that it does not become a chore. You want to develop a love of reading!
  4. Brush up on grammar and other basics: Read a book on grammar and practice applying the rules. The quickest way to do this is to play with written material. Take a story or an article and check it for grammar mistakes. Play with the sentences to transform it.
  5. Write outlines: Practice writing essay outlines. No one likes to start without a plan. If you become good at organizing your thoughts in the form of outlines, writing will come easy.
  6. Make it a team project: Ask a friend if they are interested in improving their writing skills. Chances are that you will find at least one, and possibly more, friends who will join your writing club.

Remember, writing can be a joy in addition to an essential skill. Try enjoying the process as much as you would enjoy getting a good grade. Not everyone is a born writer, but everyone has the potential to learn new skills. Once you have a group of people who meet to read and write, study grammar, and practice outlines; your “work” of learning writing skills will transform into the “fun” of writing skills!