Why Should Children Have Homework: 4 Strong Arguments

The opponents of school homework argue that it puts too much stress on children, and takes away the time they could spend with their families or for resting. However, there are strong arguments in favor of school homework:

  1. Homework helps students learn the material better. The well-known saying “Practice makes perfect” is especially true for studying. In-depth knowledge can’t be obtained through reading books or listening to lectures only. You need to apply it, and the more you use it, the firmer it sticks in your mind. That’s why students need not only the small amount of practical exercises they can do during the lesson, but more of them in their homework as well.
  2. Homework builds responsibility and self-discipline. In the classroom, you just have to do what your teacher says. With a homework assignment, you are free to determine how and when you will do it, as long as you submit it on time. Working on their homework, children make decisions and take responsibilities for their results. They learn to manage their time and organize themselves. These are the skills they will definitely benefit from in their adult lives.
  3. Homework can strengthen family relationships. Many children turn to their parents or siblings for homework help. Any work on a common task brings people closer, and homework is not an exception. It is a good opportunity for parents to get insight into their children’s academic progress, identify main problems, and help children overcome them. When working together with your children on their assignments, you can also witness the development of their best qualities – will, responsibility, dedication, persistence – and reinforce them with your own example. However, parents should avoid taking too much of the homework burden on their own shoulders in order not to make their children idle and dependent.
  4. Homework prepares children for higher education. Students in colleges and universities get many assignments to do on their own, including large research projects and dissertations. If a student is not used to doing homework, he or she will be overwhelmed with the need to write lots of academic papers on a regular basis. The amounts and difficulties of school homework increase gradually from year to year, so when students graduate, they are ready for the workload that awaits them in the higher levels of education.

The reasons listed above are strong enough to argue against the complete abolition of homework. However, the amounts and nature of homework assignments may be revised in order to ensure better compliance with present-day realities and with each child’s individual needs.