Brilliant Spelling Homework Ideas For First-Graders

Teachers hold the fingers of first grades kids to lead their way. They are so young and fresh that they can be molded in any way conceivable. Therefore, it becomes important to entrust them with right ideals.

Understanding the basics

Education is a priority and at their level, they have to first understand the basics of the language before understanding it in later years. Phonetics come first followed by diction. They need to understand the value of correct spellings of words; this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with learning.

There are fun-oriented ways to make them learn the spellings. You need to invest your creative urges to find in interesting spelling homework for them. Here are a few examples that may help you –

  • Gelling with cartoons – You may ask them to particular cartoons with animals or other entities. Urge them to learn the name of animals and then the spellings. The visual insertion invokes interest in them and they learn fast.

  • Repetition theory – Kids learn better when they repeat. You can ask them to repeat created passages 5 times. You can then streamline the effects and urge them to repeat 5-8 words 5 times and then write them in equal number. Slowly their vocabulary will improve.

  • Naming game – You may form groups of 7 kids and ask them to find interesting word names for their friends. Thus, each day they learn 8 new words, courtesy calling their friends by those words.

  • Observation game – You can show them the classroom or the school park and make them learn the names of objects residing there; see-saw, dustbin; blackboard et al. This also enhances their cognitive skills.

  • Color coding – Ask them to go through the syllabus stories and color the complicated words (complicated for them, not you) in different colors. Now, when you call the color, they have to answer by spelling the word they highlighted with the color. Teach them how to spell clearly.

  • Word game – You can ask the Grade 1 kids to play a game. Here, one kid says a word and the other says a word starting from the last letter of the previous word. You may place a condition that the words have to be 6-letter long or more.

Keep innovating

You can keep innovating on spelling homework and even discuss the pretext with kids. They have this wonderful quality to come up with delicious fresh ideas when it comes to their learning.