Searching for help with math homework: resources to use and resources to avoid

The resources to use to help you along with your math homework are these:

  • Mathematical tables
  • Calculator
  • Slide rule

Mathematical tables

The mathematical tables can be very instrumental in helping you not only do your math homework but also remember the answers as well. To use a mathematical table you are required to follow the line of one number to find its link to the corresponding number and thereby the answer. A mathematical table allows you to see a pattern in a number’s arithmetic sequence.


There are many types of calculators that can be very useful when doing your homework. The graphing calculator is very good for Trigonometry, Calculus, etc., and can be very useful is rescuing you from a tight corner. Calculators are handy devices to have at those times when you need a quick answer or at breaking down a large problem. They can also be used to double check your homework once you have done by other means, verifying that your answers are indeed correct before you have to turn it in.

Slide rule

Even calculators had to have come from some older idea and the slide rule was one of them. In many ways the slide rule is even better than the calculator as your mind is doing more work in operating the slide rule to find the answer you seek. The slide rule looks very much like a ruler only with a central sliding strip and it is marked scales in order to do speedy calculations, mainly for the multiplying and dividing problems.

Avoid using or relying on this resource when doing your math homework


While the calculator can be a very useful tool it can also be an instrument for laziness. Relying heavily on the calculator will make you mind sluggish in doing even the most basic of math problems. Before reaching for the calculator at least try to do your math homework on your own and see how you fare. If you are completely reliant on the calculator when what will you do when there are no calculators on hand? Calculators are not very helpful in remembering the answers like mathematical tables are. You just type the number in, hit the mathematical sign you need, get your answer and you are moving on to the next problem as quickly as possible. There is not time for the information to sink in and after completing your homework you will have forgotten what your first problem was.