Tips For Students: Pros And Cons Of Having Homework

As a student, many times you found yourself frustrated because you had to do homework instead of spending time with your friends. Besides, there are many teachers who are giving you essays and exercises even over the weekend or in vacation; in the end, that is supposed to be your time for relaxation after difficult courses. However, things are not always so black and white as they might seem. There are also some advantages in getting homework.

    You have the chance to understand the lesson. Very often in class you can get distracted by your
  • classmates or you will simply have a bad day and not understand the lesson. The homework will force you to go home and revise the chapter in the manual and this can really bring you supplementary help. Besides, making exercises in topics like math really helps you memorize the formulas and in exams you will need them.
  • It teaches you responsibility. As teenager or young adult it is common to not take any responsibility and to rule your program as you wish. The homework will force you to schedule something strict in your daily routine otherwise your grades will go down. When you need to make a set of exercises by next week, you need to leave your passions for a moment and pay attention to something important. This can be a valuable life lesson.
  • You can gain knowledge. Many times the homework will not be strictly about what you learned in class, but it will force you to do more research and to get informed. Even if you don’t see the benefits now, solid knowledge from all topics can really be an advantage in the future when you will join college or you will get hired.
  • The main disadvantage is that is taking from your relaxing time. If you have classes for more than half of the day and then you need to spend another few hours making homework, you will have no time to spend with your friends or following your passions.
  • It can lower your grades. Sometimes, there are many factors that stop you from doing your homework that you just can’t control. For example, if your days and busy and you reach home at night, clearly you will not be able to make your assignments. Maybe you do not have the right instruments for research or you are just not skilled in a specific subject. This will lower your general grade and it will decrease your chance of joining a good college.