Can My Homework Cause Stress?

The word “homework” often strikes horror on the faces of the children and teens. It altered their mood just as quickly as it does every cell in their body. The term “homework” can often bring about an immediate stress mode. Reducing the stress associated with homework can turn it into a positive experience that teachers children skills they will need throughout the course of their life.

Before homework is started it is best to give students a healthy snack or a full meal. This makes it much easier for students to focus. When you are hungry or full of sugar it is much more challenging to focus.

  • Brain breaks need to be taken. Children cannot sit for a long period of time and they shouldn’t be forced to. Allow them to move about as necessary. Let them take a break and blow bubbles in the sun. Let them do jumping jacks to their favorite song or laugh at a joke. Exercising forces them to breathe deeply which will replenish their oxygen levels. This cleans the brain and reduces stress.

  • While working on homework it is important to stay positive. Children will listen to statements and movements made by others. Having a hopeful attitude can make all the difference. If you really believe that they can do it then they will believe that they can do it.

  • Help the children to understand their directions. Help them organize their assignments and create a plan for time management. Many children will waste quite a bit of time by doing their homework incorrectly the first time around because they did not understand the directions and no one double checked before they started. You can save quite a bit of time and stress by going over their assignments first and making sure they understand the rules. This applies to kids and teens. Ask your older kids if they need help. They have a lot on their plates and could really use experience and guidance…even if they won’t ask.

  • Ask your kids what music helps them to relax. Let them try different music until they pick what works best for them. Some children need background noise when they work and others need complete quiet.

Even doing things to get rid of stress may not be enough. Some more difficult assignments can cause stress. Multiple assignments at the same time can cause frustration and anxiety too. Homework that creates this type of frustration is not doing any good. It is not helping children to learn. That is why it is important to get involved and ensure that your children can handle their work load. If they are being crushed by the amount of work you can speak with the teacher and see if there is anything that can be done to help.