What Is The Real Purpose Of Homework In Elementary School?

Teachers usually give assignments comprising of writing, problem solving or reading that the students must finish after class and these are typically done at home. In actuality, the real purpose of assignment is to especially aid reinforce what was discussed in class. At times, the purpose of this is to collect additional information beyond what was discussed in class.

The sad thing is that there are some teachers who do not really know the real purpose of giving students homework and they just give assignments to keep their students busy. It is essential to understand that the goal of assignment is to significantly aid students what was discussed in class or to obtain information through answering questions as well as reading.

One form of assignment reinforces what was discussed in class. The other form comprise of studying beyond what was taught in class. And the final one is simply intended to keep students busy or have something to do. In any case, it is deemed essential to finish your assignment and see to it to do it quite well so you can get higher mark in your subjects.

It is important to note that assignments particularly those given in elementary school are especially intended to aid students develop life skills and a sense of responsibility at a young age and for them to manage tasks. This also provides opportunities to master how to cope with distractions and difficulties, experiential learning, academic benefits and increased motivation.

On the other hand, the pros and cons of giving assignments can be classified into different categories. Assumed advantages compose of instant learning and achievement, non-academic benefits, long-range academic benefits and also benefits to families and parents. Assumed disadvantages comprise of lack of leisure time, loss of interest in studies due to exhaustion, cheating, interference by parents and difference between the levels of performance of students. Be that as it may, it is unknown if this difference would be any more of a drawback in assignment as compared to regular classwork.

According to some studies, giving students assigned tasks after school is in truth not a strategy that works well for all students especially those in grade school. Because of its feasible negative impacts of reducing the interest and motivation of students, by that, indirectly impairing school performance level, assignments must be assigned moderately and accordingly. Not to mention, heavy assignment loads must not be utilized as primary scheme for enhancing student achievement or home-school relations.