List Of Interesting Homework Ideas On WW2

Developing homework ideas can be interesting. The whole purpose of assigning homework is to give the student work that will enhance and work with the information that you are teaching them in class. This will help them retain the information better so that they can pull from it later during testing time. It is also a great tool for parents to use to help their children study for upcoming exams. When you are working to teach your child or your student information pertaining to World War II, here are some great suggestions that are interesting to keep in mind.

  1. Map assignments
  2. To give the child an idea of how the World had changed as the War went on, you can use maps. Have the complete a map at the beginning of the time period where they will mark the names of the countries and then again after the conflict. You can also have them color the different sides of the war different colors. They can mark on the map where significant battles took place as well.

  3. Fill in study guides
  4. Fill in the blanks are great fun for most kids. They can have a word list and then they will be able to fill in the words that make sense. You can also add word puzzles to the mix. This will keep them interested. The clues can have information pertaining to people and battles. You can come up with other fun ways to test them on their knowledge of the information. Make it fun instead of work.

  5. Essays
  6. One of the most common homework ideas is to have the student write an essay or do a presentation with an essay. It is a great way for them to learn more about a topic that interests them. Leave it open so that they can choose their topic and you will find that they like it even better.

  7. Timeline
  8. You can have them create a timeline displaying important dates to remember. It will help them at least remember the sequence of events which may help them learn the dates. You can have them create this on a long piece of paper. They can find pictures to add. Give them the information or have them add the events that they found significant or the ones they have trouble remembering.