Spanish Homework Help: Following Expert's Advice

In reality the best help that you can possibly get with your Spanish Homework is from someone whose first language is Spanish – they are the experts. But be careful as not every Spanish speaker will speak standard Spanish. This is not surprising as Spain is made up of several different and separate regions and in some regions like Catalonia they speak more than one language. This is much the same way for people for whom English is their first language as not everyone who speaks English, speaks Standard English. It is quite normal for there to be regional and localised dialects. This can confound your homework efforts.

It can be helpful to watch a TV Channel or movie that is broadcast in Spanish, especially if you do not have immediate access to conversational Spanish. This is really helpful as listening to the language pronounced correctly it becomes easier to 'think' in Spanish and follow the correct sentence construction, which will help writing skills. If you think about the way that we learn language, we start off with verbal skills and progress to written skills – this cognitive process should be the same when we learn a new language.

Joining a homework club, could be a great idea. An informal group is good but with the addition of a native Spanish speaker the club becomes great. It gives the group chance to use conversational Spanish, and apply their knowledge to real life situations.

But how does this help with homework? For additional help you could try one or more of the following options

  • Check out websites that offer Spanish homework help. This is a great idea as it could involve personal tuition, which would not just mark work, but suggest additional tasks in order to give a more improved experience.
  • Your online tutor will need to know about the curriculum and the level you are studying.
  • You could try making loads of sticky labels and naming everything in your house in Spanish.
  • Try out some CD or online language course to top up your knowledge.
  • There are some websites and cell phone apps that will translate your work for you, but do not totally rely on this as they can be as ineffectual as using an English/Spanish, Spanish/English dictionary, as translation word by word or phrase by phrase can lead to misunderstandings.

You can always talk to your tutor, who will offer advice, additional activities and perhaps games that will encourage an improved skill level.